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Tech Services - Upgrades & Repairs

Quality Upgrades & Repairs

Upgrade your PC and save hundreds.Are your systems in need of upgrade or repair? PCTech is here to help...

Our repair technicians are experienced in the upgrade and repair of older equipment as well as new cutting-edge technolgies. In today's economy, replacing existing equipment can be a huge expense. Many times, the option to upgrade or repair equipment is far more cost-effective than replacing it.

PCTech is here to identify your options and present them to you in an easy to understand format. We take the time to research your upgrade options and then recommend only the most effective solutions, to help you make an informed business decision.

Of course there are times when repair or replacement are not viable options. Because technology is ever moving, newer technologies are becoming more and more affordable. We will recommend replacement only when it makes good business sense.

We Offer All Types of Repairs & Upgrades

PCTech offers all types of PC and Server repairs and upgrades. Our experienced technicians can install any variety of computer hardware. Just take a look at some of the quality upgrades we offer.

  • Controller Cards
  • Hard Drives
  • LCD Monitors
  • Network Interface Cards
  • Networking Equipment
  • Optical Drives (DVD/BlueRay)
  • Periferals & Accessories
  • Power Supplies
  • System Memory (RAM)
  • Video Cards

Considering Upgrading your Operating System?

Upgrade to Windows 7These days there is alot of talk about the new Windows 7 operating system. Although this is an excellently engineered operating system, it is not a good upgrade option for all machines. Before you decide to upgrade your machine, contact PCTech to see if your current system would support the new Windows 7 hardware requirements.

There are other considerations to take into account when deciding to upgrade. Your company may use business software that will not run on the new operating system. PCTech will take the time to contact your software providers and inquire about compatibility with Windows 7 before you make your purchase.

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To Repair or Replace... That is the Question.