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Access Control Systems
Access Control Systems from $499 Installed

Complete Access Control System with Installation Starting at $349

This system is expandable to a total of 256 individual coded keys and includes:

  • Weatherproof Wall Panel
  • Electic Lock or Dead Bolt
  • Power Supplies
  • Power Box Enclosure
  • 6 FREE Proximity Keys
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Includes Basic Installation

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Increase Security with an Access Control System

Access Control Proximity Keys Proximity Systems - Control access to sensitive areas within your organization with easy to operate proximity access control systems. Issue a wireless tag to each employee you wish to grant access. To gain access, simply wave the tag in front of the sensor and a power door lock is released unlocking the door.
Access Control Magnetic Stripe Key Cards Magnetic Stripe Systems - These systems are very similar to Proximity Systems except that it requires the user to swipe an access card with a magnetic stripe similar to a credit or debit card. Cards such as these can also serve as a company identification when used in conjunction with a card printer and ID software.
Access Control Biometrics Biometric Recognition Systems - The latest generation of access control systems, these do not rely on any cards or tags to gain access to restricted areas. Instead, they authorize users by reading their retnas or fingerprint and comparing it to a list of known authorized personnel. Biometric systems are by far the easiest systems to operate as there are no cards to replace when damaged or lost.

Access Control & Surveillance Systems...a great team!

One of the most effective ways to use an access control system is in conjunction with one of our security camera systems. This allows you to monitor entrances to secured areas from a remote location within the building by looking at that cameras video. If the visitor is authorized, you can let him in without ever leaving your desk.

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Upgrade Security with Integrated ID Keycards

Access Control and Company IDsBeef up your security by combining company identification cards with access control. Simply snap a picture of each employee and print a new ID card with easy to use ID card designers.

Each card could contain a photograph, department, division, security clearance, etc... These cards print out in full color and feature a protective UV coating for long lasting durability.

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